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Here is a common question – what’s a RAW format for? My super-dupper camera shoots perfect JPEGs, there’s no need for all that stupid RAW post-converting hassle. RAW is just another time wasting professional photographer’s thing.

And that’s what I say – the picture below shows how it all works. If it’s not enough of explanation here is another clue – your PC processor is much more powerful than ANY camera processor. JPEG compression made by PC always has better quality than if it would be made by your camera. Even if you didn’t make any adjustments of your RAWs.

When your camera compresses your pics to JPEG format they loose a huge amount of information in them that could be used for editing later on. JPEG is data lossy format. It’s kind of ok when you shoot your pictures having good lightning around you such as in the middle of a shiny day.
But if you have to shoot photos in the evening when you can hardly see what’s your camera monitor shows you, you gonna need to have a possibility to edit your photos later on using your computer’s big screen. There is nothing better than RAW files for that. And not only for that. RAW format gives you extremely wide possibilities for editing your photos.

raw and jpeg photo formats

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